Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why We Must Never Elect Woodfill

Again, I know we're all busy trying to follow the national election, but there's another election, one that's mostly inside baseball for us local and statewide activists that's coming up at state convention; the position for State Party Chair.  What's that?  I'm glad you asked.
A quick job description of the position is as follows: 
The Republican Party Chair oversees day to day operations of the state party.  Also, he/she solicits financial contributions for party operations and in kind donations for candidates.  He or she presides over the State Republican Executive Committee Meetings as well as the State Conventions.  Implementing strategy for elections and working with candidates and growing the party.  Working with local and regional parties and elected officials.  He/she is also the face of the state party.

Sounds similar to what the county chair does for a county party, a position that was once held by Jared Woodfill, one in which he nearly ran our county party into the ground.  Thankfully, he was ousted by Paul Simpson; a longtime Republican activist, precinct chair, and champion of the grass roots activist.  Pretty much the opposite of Jared.  Now, Jared is vying for the position of State Party Chair...again.

Now, I could rehash everything that I've ever written about Jared and why he is the wrong choice for the role of State Party Chair, but I thought I would just link the articles that I'd written already, because, quite honestly, my opinion of him hasn't changed much. Consider this your Woodfill reader's digest:
State Republican Executive Committee to Elect New State GOP Chair March 7th

Jared Woodfill: Tenet vs. Track Record

And another gem of a blog that I wrote before Jared Woodfill was dutifully un-elected by Harris County was this one: 
Is Harris County Low Hanging Fruit For the Democrats?

Here's one last one for you, one that doesn't smack directly to Jared's lack of leadership as a county chairman, oh, wait, yes it does.  Check out The People Choose, Not the Party: Taking Back Harris County from the Slates .

Well, what are you waiting for?  You've got your homework, now get busy!


  1. Thank you again Kelly for an informative article and the links! I remember, but I will reread!

  2. Kelly, great article. I especially like the suggestion for your readers to do their homework. Very stable writing, not at all as the name of your Blog may suggest, you're no chicken!

  3. Where can I found out more about the other candidates who are running?