Friday, May 20, 2016

Hey, Harris County, Throw the Slates in the Trash!

I've written about them before, and I'll write about them again.  I will keep reiterating as long as I have to in order to put a stop to these slate mailers that are put out every single election cycle. 

I have no problem with a group or an individual endorsing a candidate for office, it's just when you pay money to the endorsers, then, that's when I have a problem.

Terry Lowry's Link Letter, Steven Hotze's Conservative Republicans of Harris County AND Gary Polland's Texas Conservative Review are the three top offenders in the slate mailer category.  I am so sick and tired of these three top paid endorsers being the voice of the county.  Now, it's not entirely their fault, though.  Yes, there is some blame to go around here.

The electorate is by and large...uninformed!  If you mail them something like what the aforementioned three mailers do, the voting populous will follow those recommendations without question.  They feel that the endorsers have done the research and they trust their decisions.  I mean, it's a whole lot easier to take someone else's word about who to vote for instead of actually doing the homework necessary to elect a qualified candidate.

How do we end this practice?  In my opinion, it starts with you, the voter.  We have to continue to share the truth about these mailers and then we have to make them irrelevant.  How do we do that?  Simple; when you see those mailers in your mailbox, throw them out and do your own research on who is best suited to be elected.  Those mailers are counting on you not to do your own home work to decide who best represents you.  Prove them wrong!  I'll even help you get started.  If you need a sample ballot to see who and what you'll be voting on, head on over to Harris  On the home page you will see "Sample Ballot".  Click on that link and type in your information and you can take it from there and remember, the people choose, not the party!

 Click on the photo to watch the video that I've made to see why the slate mailers need to be thrown away!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Grassroots Thrive Under Simpson Leadership

I hear a lot of people saying that they want to 'Take Back Our Party' without a real, clear, concise plan of how to do it.  Well, maybe they have a plan, but it involves egos and purity tests. 

I, for one, am not in agreement with those plans.  I think there are different ways to take back our party.  We can do that by attracting and retaining precinct chairs.  We can also build the party by training precinct chairs and activists and educating them on how to reach voters and turn out the vote. 

Paul Simpson, our current Harris County GOP Chairman has done the things necessary to grow the party; trained activists, focused on recruiting precinct chairs, and then utilized those same volunteers to increase the voter base.  I've included a picture for your reference to see how many NEW precinct chairs we had at Monday night's Executive Committee Meeting.  

May 16th Executive Committee Meeting
Paul is in the runoff election to remain in his county chairman position, and he needs your help and your vote.

Go to and find your polling place.  Early voting is going on NOW until Friday, May 20th and Election Day is May 24th.  If you want to see more action and efforts like what is depicted in the photo above, then you will elect Paul Simpson for GOP County Chairman!