Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why I'm supporting Bill Tofte for U.S. Congress

Hello, friends!  It's The Political Chicken here!  I am somewhat new to the arena of politics and I'm coming out of my 'shell' of sorts.  I have recently discovered a few things about myself, and one of those things is that I love to write.  So, here I am, ready to share my opinion with the cyber-world which is already full of other opinions.  I mean, what's one more blog among millions of others, right?  I may not always write about politics, but it's May and in Texas, it's primary season, so, here we go.  

I am usually a chicken, I don't like to try new things, or for that matter, new representatives.  But, you know what they say, a sure sign of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.  Well, I'm tired of being insane!  We as a country are in debt way past our eyeballs, and the current Congress just seems to either not notice the debt or not care, and they continue to spend and regulate the American people into oblivion.  Well, I've had enough.  I know that lots of other regular folks have, too.  That brings me to discuss with you my choice for U.S. Congress in CD 7.  Bill Tofte, who is a business man and a constitutional Republican, has decided to throw his hat into the ring to be the new member of the House of Representatives to represent CD 7.  He is passionate about liberty and preserving our rights as Americans.  Bill is also a tea party guy.  He is taking his stand for the defense and restoration of the Constitution. He will never compromise his conservative principles. He will never weaken in the face of special interests or legislative power brokering. He will fight for freedom and liberty at all costs.   

Now, I'm a tea party gal.   I love the tea party movement and how it has empowered folks like myself, who normally wouldn't even think twice about politics to get involved.  I also love how it has evolved, too.  It's not about just waving signs and flags in the middle of town squares across America anymore.  It's about taking the people from the town squares and putting them into positions in state house races, school board races and mud board positions.  Come out from under that rock you've been living under and take a look around!  The stakes are higher now than they have ever been before and we NEED an involved citizenry!  We need folks like Bill Tofte and other conservative citizens to step up and run for offices like these.   

Bill is NOT a politician.  He has never run for office before.  So?  That's fine with me.  That just means that he is still honest and true to his word and hasn't been corrupted by the promise of power and money from some special interest groups.  Some people, who I consider part of the Republican 'good ole boy' network will say things like, we need someone with experience!  Bill doesn't have any experience!  Experience at what?  Racking up debt and mortgaging our children's and grand children's futures?  I don't think I want that kind of experience going back to Washington and representing me and my family.

They also may say things to me like, he's not the incumbent!  How dare you support a challenger to the incumbent!  You're!  No, I'm not.  I just think that if we want better representation, we need to consider sending someone who isn't a 'good ole boy'.

Now, I realize that lots of politicians and candidates have attached the tea party moniker to their name to be accepted among tea party groups.  Well, honey, just like fried chicken, I can smell a phoney a mile away!  Rest assured, Bill Tofte is the real deal!  Vote for Bill Tofte, U.S. Congress 2012!


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere, Chicken Little! I mean... um... oh.,..

  2. Kelly, You've made a nice case for Bill Tofte as a candidate. I met Bill at the Straw Poll and I like him, too. But what issues do you see for the 7th district that differentiate Bill from John Culberson (100% Right to Life, NTU 78%, CAGW 91%, NFIB 100%, NRA 100%, National Journal Conservative 74% & 10th most conservative in U.S. House, American Conservative Union Lifetime 97%, Eagle Forum 87%, Club for Growth 97%, AFP 100%) [see ]. I'll agree that Culberson has not always voted as I would have preferred. But he's been pretty close. I did complain about the Debt Ceiling vote [which Culberson explains here: ] in a recent meeting with Culberson and earlier with Rep. McCaul.

  3. It is good to see a young mom blogging politics. It does affect you and it will affect your children. When I was a kid, "many" years ago, I would go with my grandmother to bring in the eggs from the chicken coop. She could stick her hand under the hens and get the eggs. If I tried, the hens would peck me on the hand or arm. This is what you young moms and dads have to do today when ever the Fed. sticks it's hand in your lives to get your eggs. Peck them and peck them good.

    The vote for debt ceiling increase tells me that Culberson and the other Texas reps. that voted for it are getting too comfortable in Washington. My wife and I will vote in about an hour for Mr.Tofte. I pray that his social views are also conservative.