Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Got Nowhere Else To Go!

Right.  You may or may not recognize the title from a very popular movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman".  You know, the scene where Louis Gossett Jr. as 'Sgt. Foley' is playing the drill instructor and he is trying to convince Richard Gere, or 'Mayo' to quit the naval flight academy?  It's at the tail end of this scene where Mayo blurts out the real reason for his intention to stay with the program.  "I got nowhere else to go!"  I have always loved that movie but it never held any special meaning to me until I got involved in politics.  All of a sudden that quote had a dual meaning which was shown to me by my two good friends Felicia Cravens and James Yaklin.  They have shared this as an inside joke for a while, and it fits when you compare it to ones own political involvement.

Folks on the outside looking in may suggest that you 'leave' the arena of politics when you express your frustration over said representative voting a certain way.  Or maybe you are  dealing with the local party affiliate when they aren't transparent enough for you with their finances and that's making you furious. Heh.  Quit, your friends say.  Why are you doing this anyway?  Politics is brutal, they'll tell you.  Even after they have shared their counsel which seems pretty cut and dry to them, you shrug it off and move on.  You think, they just don't understand!  Or, if only the people around me would just listen to me bitch some more, it will change things, just wait!  Only then, after leaving a meeting or a gathering of patriots where you may have had this conversation, it hits you.  You got nowhere else to go!

Now, let's take this quote a step further.  Think about our country.  The good ole US of A.  She's been there for us, right?  Let's be honest, she's been there for the world.  For 236 years, to be exact as of yesterday.  We have been a light in the darkness; a beacon on a hill...all for freedom.  Okay, so we celebrated freedom yesterday, what's your point, Political Chicken?  I'm saying that I'm concerned about our freedoms, guys.  I'm concerned that if we lose all of our freedoms, 'we' got nowhere else to go.


  1. There isn't anywhere else as good as we *had* it. It was one thing for very brave people to fight a king many miles away and no technology (compared) to today. How do you fight a neo-Monarch with the world's most powerful military?

    If we are truly past the tipping point, pick your poison. Either stay and live in the 3rd world country we are becoming or move to an existing 3rd world country and enjoy the beauty and lower costs. That's a personal decision.

    The ideal of a bunch of armed citizens rising up into a new revolution is naive at best.

    1. Kelly: Point of Information from the Trivia Geek - Mayo was in the Navy. And he was actually in Naval flight school, so even if he had quit he would have been in the Navy. Just so you know.

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