Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Morning After x2

Deep breath in...slowly exhale.  Repeat.  Feel better?  Nah, me neither.  Onward!

All of you know me pretty well by now.  I am a stay at home mom; home school mom on top of that and a new (?) political activist of sorts.  I have just recently ventured into my own blog, The Political Chicken.  I was involved heavily over the course of this last presidential election/campaign.  I am extremely disappointed in the loss by Romney/Ryan and that's putting it mildly.  I truly didn't think that Obama would win again.  He did and now we stand at the base of a mile high mountain and we have to decide as conservatives, do we stay at the base of the mountain and set up camp or do we forge ahead with grappling hooks and ropes and climb that bad boy?  I say, climb!

There was A LOT of legislation that we as tea party members and patriot groups postponed and delayed in 2010 and 2011.  The biggest and baddest in my mind is Obamacare.  We did good work but it was shoved through even though it was clearly against the will of the American people by and large.  There will be more of that, unfortunately now that Obama has won his bid for reelection.  Cap and Trade aka Cap and Tax can be one of those, rest assured.  Not to mention a whole host of others that we don't even know about yet, or I for one, can't even fathom.

Most of us, dare I say ALL of us are pretty discouraged today.  I am going to keep fighting.  I am going to keep fighting to keep our freedoms, though as down and sad and frustrated as I feel today.  Why, you may ask.  Why bother?  I have three little reasons to keep going and those are my children.  Not trying to be extreme here, but let's stop a minute and think of some of the freedoms we have now and might take for granted.  One is the right to worship.  Another is the freedom to buy the car of your choice.  How about the reproductive rights we enjoy; to have as many children as you want?  How about capitalism, the best system in the world?  How about the right to choose your own career?  How about the freedom to home school?  I can't say without a doubt, that those freedoms are going to be there for them to enjoy.

I am not expecting all of these rights to be taken away over night or even tomorrow.  The problem is that there is something called tyranny creep.  It has already taken hold and continues to 'creep' its way into our society and personal lives.  This is another reason we must stay vigilant and fight the good fight.  It happens little by little.  In our courts, where religious objects are harshly removed or when war memorials are ordered to be taken down simply because they are symbols of religion or Christianity.  Where the TSA has the 'right' to strip search innocent people just trying to go on vacation with their families.  These freedoms have been eroding for some time now.  So where does it stop?  That's the big question for me, and right now I don't have the answer.  

We are ALL made in God's likeness; in the image of God.  We were made with the desire to perform a task, learn a trade, earn a living and to be self sufficient.  In Ecclesiastes 2:24 it says, "A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work.  This too, I see, is from the hand of God, for without him, who can eat or find enjoyment"?  I wept last night thinking that my children would possibly grow up not knowing those simple freedoms.  To not be able to provide for their families as Godly men are called to do.  To not be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor as many generations that have come before them have been able to do.  To take away the most innate rights from any human being is just beyond wrong.   

All I know to do is to pray and trust God and to pray that His will be done, not ours.

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  1. My darling wife wept throughout the day after but I continued on with the will to fight and now, on the second day after, she is better.

    How do we, as American conservatives, fight this tyranny creep? In my opinion, I believe we must enter the education system of our children to defeat it. The liberals are in control of the education of our children, from pre-kindergarten to those who are in pursuit of an advanced, graduate degree. When I see videos of small tots standing with their classmates singing the praises of Obama, I recognize that the children do not know what they are singing about, but are parrotting what they are instructed to do. They only want to please their "handlers" and receive their rewards. As these children mature into college students, they are bombarded with the ideas that being successful is evil, the government owes all a living and that they should be happy and feel privileged to pay higher taxes. Conservatives need to re-enter the education system and turn back time to reflect ideals that allow a child to make an informed choice as to who or what they will become, whereas now, those children are brainwashed from the begining as to who or what the liberals want them to be, without a choice.