Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Are You There, God? It's us...the Tea Party.

You know, it just occurred to me that this whole idea of government providing a sense of security isn't a new phenomenon. Remember, there is nothing new under the sun. Think for a second about Moses and the Israelites and how he led them to freedom from the Egyptians.  Talk about 'herding cats'.  I can't even begin to imagine how he must have felt.

 The Israelites grumbled and complained against Moses because of the quality of the food! Manna and quail wasn't good enough for them. They used to say things like, "If only we had died by the Lord's hand in Egypt!  There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death." Think about how frustrated Moses must have been with them.  Seriously; die?  They would have rather DIED than to have been led to freedom. 

Now, let's think for a minute about the party of politics that believes in bigger government, bloated government, if you will.  The one who believes that the government is there to provide safety and security as it pertains to a way of life.  How it manages to perpetuate this idea that the government should provide, well, EVERYTHING for you no matter how much freedom or liberty you must give up to obtain the 'goodies'.  Hey, I could be talking about EITHER party at this moment because they have both shown tendencies to overreach for the greater good, haven't they?  

We have all banged our heads up against the wall over the last few years at this very idea.  Yet, the overreach continues, and slowly it becomes more egregious each time.  We've seen tyranny creep into our lives and have, except for recently, stood idly by while it happened

I always go the TSA as probably the most glaring insult to the freedoms of Americans and travelers from everywhere...well, almost everywhere.  First there was the shoe bomber, so the solution to make us feel safer?  Take off all the shoes!  Next, the underwear bomber.  Thankfully, we don't have to take off our underwear...yet, but I'm sure it has come up in conversation.  Nah, instead they just feel up our private parts on the outside of our underwear.  Oh, yeah, I feel SO much safer now.  Yet, people still walk through the 'nudi-scanners' as I so fondly refer to them, because they honestly believe it will make them safer.  

Tea party and conservative activists bemoan the fact that we can't get the American people to 'wake up' and take a look around at the freedoms being forfeited by us on a daily basis.  I'm guilty of this bemoaning, too.  Now, hang with me for a minute while we walk in Moses' shoes.  Seriously, think about it.  He heard grumbling and complaining all. day. long.  The people were hot.  The people were thirsty.  The people were hungry.  What did he do about it?  He talked with God.  He prayed about it.  Moses prayed to God and asked Him for help.  If Moses did that, can't we all do it, too?  It seems like a very simplistic approach, doesn't it?  How much better off would be be, as a country, as a movement, if we just humbled ourselves and prayed? 


  1. I wonder what was going through the minds of those who stayed behind! Probably complaining about the increase in the number of bricks they now had to make to make up for those who left! Is anyone ever happy with their choices? Something else to pray about!

  2. Jonathan Wojcik - bogleech@hotmail.comJuly 1, 2013 at 12:32 PM

    WHAT freedoms have you "forfeited?" The average American has more freedoms now than they have since this country was founded, and a hell of a lot more than they did before that.

    You crybaby Teapublicans think your freedoms are being infringed when YOU'RE not allowed to infringe on the freedoms of others. You say your religion is being attacked when YOU'RE not allowed to attack others in its name. You think we're giving too much to the poor even when it takes only pennies out of your income and you're perfectly fine with the 10,000 dollar bombs being dropped on foreigners, because, of course, they're foreign.

    I provide my email just because it isn't fair to leave messages like this without a means of response, not that you're obligated to reply...but you seriously need to re-think EVERYTHING in your life if you sympathize with the tea party. They are monsters. They are on the level of Westboro Baptist or the Ku Klux in their insanity and their hatred of innocent Americans.

    It makes me sick that I can only enjoy freedom of speech while sharing it with the likes of conservatives. They don't even appreciate it themselves...they want to reduce that same freedom for everyone else. They always fight to be on top, rather than for what's fair to our people.