Monday, April 6, 2015

Two Katy ISD Board Positions Up For Grabs On May 9th

It's election time again!  Yes, Political Chicken readers, Katy ISD School Board elections are around the corner!  It may seem as though the November elections just ended, but it's time to dust off your voter registration card once again and put it to good use; to elect a solid, informed school board trustee to represent the taxpayers in the Katy Independent School District.

It is imperative that we get voters out for the May election.  Looking at election history for Katy ISD Trustee elections, more often than not, the trustees are selected by a small number of the district population.  Here's a statistic that should get your attention; for the 2014 Katy ISD board election in which three trustees were up for election, out of 142,000 registered voters, only 4,000 votes were cast!  The trustee election was decided on by less than three percent of registered voters.  I've always said that local involvement is important, and that theme once again runs through this blog, and the Katy community.

Two positions are up for grabs, position six and position seven, currently held by incumbents Charles Griffin and Bryan Michalsky.  They have served a three year term and have both drawn opponents; John Pendergraff and Leonard Ledford.  Here's a little information about all four candidates.

Bryan Michalsky "was elected to the Katy ISD Board of Trustees in May 2012. Michalsky is a graduate of Sam Houston State University where he holds a BBA in accounting. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.  Michalsky currently works as Chief Financial Officer for Cotton Holdings, Inc. and sits on the Advisory Board for Cotton Foundation that is dedicated to helping children affected by life-changing challenges. He has lived in Katy for six years and is a member of Parkway Fellowship, where he serves as a Men's Small Group Leader. He has served the Katy community through various sports organizations. He also serves Katy ISD through both the Seven Lakes and Katy High School Booster Clubs."

John Pendergraff, concerned Katy ISD parent is running for position 6.  From his website, his qualifications include, "I have a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri, Columbia.  I am an engineer at a small company where I am known to be an outside the box problem solver.  I have a very strong ability to use common sense to solve problems. I am also good at detecting bad ideas and the unintended consequences of seemingly good ideas. I love my kids more than I fear getting involved with the school board."

Leonard Ledford is also challenging an incumbent for position seven.   From his website: "As a Katy ISD concerned parent and taxpayer, I believe we need to be more focused as a community on the quality of education that is offered to our children. We need a school board that will communicate with the community before, during and after issues and votes. A board that will work with and listen to our teachers, not set direction and sit back and watch."

Charles Griffin "was elected to the Katy ISD Board of Trustees in May 2012.  Griffin graduated from Katy High School in 1985, making him the second generation to graduate from the high school. Following graduation, Griffin attended the United States Air Force Academy and started his path towards a retirement from the military. He held many jobs in the Air Force, including flying, and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Currently, Griffin works for United Arlines as a Captain on a 737.
Griffin is married to Nikki, who is also a Katy graduate, and they have four children. The Griffins wanted their children to attend Katy schools so, following the military, they moved back to Katy. For three generations and more, Katy ISD has done an outstanding job educating Griffin's father, himself, his wife and his children.
Griffin became a school board member to pay back the community for all the skills, education, and support it has provided for his family. He has been active in his children's PTA, local sport teams, and booster clubs for many years."

So, Katy ISD parents and residents, you have a decision to make!  The election is May 9th, 2015.  Get out and vote and bring a neighbor with you!  We CAN'T let such a small portion of the electorate be the deciding factor in this election.  I'm not supporting or endorsing anyone in this race, but the need to GOTV in these May school board and bond elections is paramount.  Remember, grass roots grow in your own backyard!

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  1. This an easy vote-run the incumbents out of office as they are out of touch with the parents of KISD. Except the people who drink the Juice-free loaders who want the rest of the taxpayers to fund their children extra curricular activities!
    School is for education such STEM!