Wednesday, December 30, 2015

James Lloyd: Conservative for Congress

From the news desk...

James Lloyd announces his run for Congressional District 7. 

Dear Fellow Conservative,
I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives representing Texas’s 7th Congressional District.
It’s time to hold Washington accountable for reckless government spending and a crippling $18 trillion national debt. We cannot afford career politicians who endanger our country’s financial stability and force future generations to pay the bill. If we keep electing the same people, nothing is going to change.
After nearly 30 years in elected office, John Culberson has become part of the problem. He lives in Virginia and is out-of-touch with our district. He fails to live up to his promises—consistently voting to increase the size of government, grow the national debt, and satisfy special interests that bankroll his campaigns. It’s time to replace complacency with courageous conservatism.
I am running to solve problems in Washington, not pass the buck. I know what it takes to drive economic growth and keep America safe. As an energy attorney, I worked on the region’s largest oil and gas projects and understand the detrimental impact of ineffective government policies and excessive regulation. I served on the national security staff at the White House and witnessed firsthand the threats that confront our nation and how we must respond.
I bring the fighting spirit of the grassroots. I have served in leadership roles in the conservative movement for over 15 years and have worked to inspire a new generation of conservatives in Texas. Now more than ever, we need new leaders to advance the conservative cause and stand up for traditional values.
I am a proud seventh-generation Texan and lifelong resident of the district. I am committed to strengthening our community, from serving veterans as a volunteer attorney to helping grow the congregation at my church. In contrast to our current representative, I will continue to live in our district and focus squarely on the issues impacting our community and the future of our country.
Please join me and support the campaign by visiting Together, we can hold Washington accountable with new conservative leadership.
Thank you,

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