Wednesday, June 7, 2017

'Bigotree' Emerges in Texas Democrat's Druken Tree Crash

In the world of social media, often after a tragedy occurs somewhere in the actual world, Tweeters, Facebookers and Instagrammers take to their pages and profiles and change their profile pics in support of the victims of the heinous crimes.  Those profile pic changes can be felt around the world, I'm sure of it. 

One other thing that just comes naturally to the Western world is hashtags.  Hashtags are often invented to help show solidarity with the victims of crimes.  Those hashtags are imperative in healing a hurting world after a terrorist attack.  It's been proven.

Let us look at the incident that happened just yesterday here in Texas.  One Democrat State Representative, Victoria Neave, was arrested for allegedly drinking and driving after she crashed into a tree.  It's a bit ironic, though, her alleged drinking and driving when she was one of many state reps who supported Texas' ban on texting and driving.  I detect a bit of a double standard.

Speaking of double standards, myself and a few other friends noticed that there was little to no support for the tree that was victimized in the crash.  He's subsequently been named 'Albert' and we'd like for you all to show your support for him, too.  I mean, where's the love for Albert?  The profile pics?  The hashtaggery?  You'd support people, but what about a tree? 

That tree was just standing there, minding its own business, not hurting anyone.  He was a shelter for little woodland animals, all of which we can assume that representative Neave hates because she so carelessly crashed into their home.  Why not?  I mean, if a GOP representative crashed into a tree, he or she would be accused of hating on trees and nature and woodland animals.

So, if you want to help Albert the tree, you'll download the picture and use it as your profile picture immediately.  Together, we can make sure this never happens again!


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