Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Obama Gag Reel-Take One

You know how around the Christmas holidays the radio stations and music video shows do all sorts of countdowns of the top 100 songs of the year?  I thought since Obama is going to be kicked out of the White House in January it would be appropriate to go ahead and put together a list of his 'gaffes' in one nice, neat little blog.  I might actually have to do a two or three part blog on this one simply because he's had so damn many!  I'm sorry, but President Obama, you made this too easy for me.  You and your veep and the lapdog media have made a mockery of the United States Presidency and of America and it's citizens.  So please, readers, relax with some popcorn and get ready for the gag reel.

Not long after being sworn into office, (right around Valentine's Day of 2009, to be exact), Obama decided it would be a good idea to simply send back the bust of Sir Winston Churchill to England.   Wow.  Nothing says love like snubbing one of our allies, right?  In it's place he set a bust of his 'homie from Illinois', President Abraham Lincoln.  More on his 'homie' in my next blog.

Next on the list is one I won't soon forget.  Beer summit.  Yep, remember summer of '09?  One white cop by the name of Sgt. Crowley arrested black scholar and professor Louis Gates Jr. in front of Gates' home on suspicion of a break in.  Turned out it was in fact Louis' own home and the POTUS accused the police of acting stupidly.  So, can't we all just get along over a few beers?  To quote one of our founding fathers, which Obama would never do, Benjamin Franklin, "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

Oh, and one for the books is all the bowing down he did to all of the leaders of foreign countries, earning him the name O-bow-ma.  Cartoons depicted Obama bowing down to the Burger King.  Yikes.  Then he became Mr. Apologetic as he addressed said foreign leaders and dignitaries.  #epicfail  To make matters worse, he also began announcing on some of those same trips that America was no longer a Christian nation.  Um, excuse me?  Go back to your Kenyan hut, you moron!

Sometimes when you were a kid and your parents did things that you were told not to do, it kind of made you mad, didn't it?  Well, unfortunately over the past four years, Michelle and Barack have tried to act like the parents of the USA.  Telling us what to eat and drink and how to raise our children.  Also, telling all of us that at some point we've earned enough money.  Ya don't say?  Newsflash: Obama is a millionaire.  YEP.  He's an evil rich person; however, he didn't build any businesses on his own, either.  No, he hasn't ever held a nine to five job in his life.  Progressive much?

Last but definitely not least, there was the one with Queen Elizabeth.  Yeah, remember when he 'royally' screwed up the toast?  Leave it to our dear leader to keep yammering away while the song  'God Save the Queen' played.  Here is the painful you tube video as a reminder.

Now I know that A LOT of things have happened since Obama was elected and that we are all on information overload, but I just thought that in the midst of it all we could take a trip down memory lane together.  I realize that this is not really 'owning the narrative' and it's definitely not 'pwning the narrative', but this is just my coping mechanism for dealing with so much STUPID the last three and a half years.  Forgive me.

I also know that Mitt Romney was not our first choice as a Republican candidate, but this election is not really about electing Mitt.  It's about voting Obama OUT.  Stay tuned for part two...


  1. Yes, Obama needs to go. And you're right, Mitt Romney was and is not my 1st choice. But to me, the problem is closer to home. The problem is with accountability in the Republican Party and even with "we the people" spoken of in The Constitution. Example: you and I are precinct chairmen. As precinct chairmen we both took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. We DID NOT take an oath to the Republican Party, to any individual candidate or even to political reality. Only the U.S. Constitution. And yet, when we (collectively) are told by our party leaders or by Foxnews that a candidate who actually supports and defends the Constitution is unelectable, we go right along with it and choose a candidate like Mitt Romney. A man who has repeatedly ignored his Oath.

    I will vote neither for him or Obama or any other liar that ignores their oath of office. And I do not understand how anyone else can either.

    1. I hear ya, but not voting for anyone is an automatic vote for Barack Obama. I am going to do all I can to drag Romney's bloated carcass over the finish line. America is dead right there without Romney.