Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Consider The Source

Okay, let me first start off by saying that I am not a political analyst nor am I a foreign policy expert.  I do however have some thoughts about the upcoming presidential election and the events that have unfolded in the Middle East. 

I am saddened first of all by the loss of American soldiers and Ambassadors serving over seas serving our great nation away from their families.  My heart goes out to all of those mourning the loss of their loved ones.  I think that goes without saying.  I am ashamed of the way that the president and the secretary of state handled the situation.

I am an emotional person and I often react to situations based on how I'm feeling about them.  I don't often delve into the logical side of thinking about things and I guess you could say this isn't any different.  First of all in my mind, the president should have been the one waiting by the phone to find out what happened to our military and embassy personnel.  Instead, from what I understand, our dear leader was fast asleep, planning on attending a fundraiser in Las Vegas over the next day or so.  I'm stunned.  Almost speechless.  *Almost*.  Then he gave a speech in the Rose Garden and his opponent, Mitt Romney said of the speech that Obama sent mixed signals which I would tend to agree with.  President Obama said we wouldn't tolerate these acts of violence and that we would work with the Libyan government to make sure that justice was served.  Then he said that America took great pains to respect all religious beliefs.  Huh?  Seems to me he was pandering to the enemy already.

I almost forgot to mention that Obama couldn't decide if Egypt was an ally or an enemy.  Has he decided that yet?  Or that he has refused a meeting with Netanyahu.  I'm sorry but even if you are on the government 'dole' and you think that Obama has your back, think again.   Or if you are a Ron Paul supporter and you are pouting because Dr. Paul didn't get the nod this time, suck it up and vote for someone with some semblance of the same values as you.  Romney is the best choice in this circumstance.  In Obama, not a chance in HELL.

Now, I'm a Romney supporter (if you haven't already figured that out) so this blog may be a little biased, but to me, in Romney's critique of Obama's response to the news of the attacks and the murders, he seemed much more resolute and steadfast in what his response to that same situation would have been.  Much more confident than Obama has ever appeared during his presidency.  Okay, except for maybe when Obama was spiking the football over Osama's death, but I digress.  I have been impressed with the way Romney has campaigned up until now.

I'm not dissing Romney's campaign at all.  No, what I'm upset about is all of the conservative websites who seem to be getting sidelined by the lame stream media.  They seem as though they are playing into their hands at a time when it appears to me that WE ARE WINNING!!!  Republicans by and large don't know how to win and they don't know how to message.  Romney's campaign to me is not in the toilet, so please, let's keep it as far from there as we can.  Let's don't start fighting him and each other when we need to stand behind him the most.  I realize that Mother Jones has put out some spliced up video of Romney at a fundraiser and everybody's all over it.  That is not going to break his campaign.  He said there are 47% of the people out there who will vote for Obama again because they don't pay into the system.  So what?  The idea here is not to get ALL of the votes from EVERYBODY, because you simply can't do that.  Focus on your core group of voters and convince them to vote for you. Consider the source.

Also, lots of people are freaking out about the polls and flailing arms and saying Romney is behind in the polls.  SO WHAT?  If you are concerned, then by golly, go do something about it!  My eight year old son saw the headline for Drudge Report, Obama 48%, Romney 47%.  He said, whoa, that's bad.  He meant for Obama, that poll was bad.  An eight year old gets it, folks.

We only have 49 days until election day.  I'm begging you, please let's keep it together.  Don't start doubting and freaking out if Obama is a few percentage points ahead of Romney or if some liberal slanted website is predicting the demise of Romney.  Consider the source!

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