Friday, September 28, 2012

Them Bones, Them Bones

Hello there, followers!  Ha!  I am having a great day with my family and thought I would share some of it with you.  Now, my husband normally works all week and stays home on Tuesday and Sunday.  Today is Friday and he took the day off to be with the family, besides, they didn't need him at work, anyway.  So there.

Well, we have a little wooded area in our neighborhood that our family or the kids, I should say, call "The Woods Park".  Our first outing today was there, to the woods park.  The boys rode their bikes and scooters and mom and dad walked, of course.  We took the football with the intention of tossing the football, etc.  However, that came to an end when we found...two bones!  They looked long enough to be femur bones and you can imagine how my children's imaginations began to race!  Not to mention that prior to that we had found two .20 gauge shot gun shells.  Hmmmm.  Then my husband's and my imagination began to race!  Were they human bones, we all wondered?  If they were, was the victim shot dead with those bullets?  Where were the rest of the bones if it was in fact of human remains? 

We continued on with our manly duties of jumping off 'cliffs' and knocking down trees and climbing up ledges.  Not me, though.  I just stood and watched and commented on how strong my boys are.  Ya know, cause that's what moms do.  We also managed to squeeze in a game or two of hide and seek.  After a while, we decided to leave the trees and the bones to go home for some lunch.  When we got back home we decided to call the Sheriff's non-emergency line to report the bones.  They said they would send someone out to take a look.  Oh, boy!  The excitement meter in my house was pinging!  Would they send a detective?  Would it be taped off as a crime scene?  Would we have to give a statement?  I'll admit the last two questions were mine alone.  I was channeling Nancy Drew a bit, I guess.  Hey, everybody loves a good mystery, right?

About twenty minutes after I'd placed the phone call, the police officer came and knocked on the door.  With one of those, you know, no-nonsense authoritative raps on the door?  Yeah, one of those.  As soon as he knocked, one of my sons squealed with delight, "It's the Sheriff!"  One of my other sons just happened to run out in nothing but his underwear.  Those of you who know me can guess who that was.  Then the police officer offered a ride in his squad car down to the park!  My husband and two older sons got in.  We all joked that this better be the ONLY time my kids and my husband, for that matter, saw the inside of a squad car.  Not long after leaving, they returned only to announce that we had found dog bones.  My, that must have been quite a large dog! 

Well, I'm writing this at four o'clock in the afternoon, so the day isn't over yet.  I wonder what kind of exciting discovery lies around the corner for our family next?  Stay tuned...

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