Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Political Chicken!

Hello, all you beautiful people!  Amazingly, it's been a year since the Political Chicken celebrated it's first birthday.  That's right, friends, The Political Chicken is officially two years old!  I wanted to share sort of a yearly review of the blog and some new activities and developments in the life of the Political Chicken.  I hope you're as excited as I am!

In the first birthday post, I shared some of the top performers in terms of page views and some of my favorites as well.  Those that were topping the charts are still holding steady at the top.  The two top blogs remain, Sex, Lies and Politics with 321 page views and my personal favorite with 315 page views, As Iron Sharpens Iron.

Shockingly enough, the first birthday blog, Happy Birthday, Political Chicken was not too far behind those top two with 241 page views!  I guess celebrations are contagious!  I am so happy to still be writing and involved in local politics and I thank all of you for your continued support.

I have written about a myriad of things over this past year, some political, some fun and some personal.  I also like to use this blog to hold elected officials accountable and have written several times about my own congressman, John Culberson.  My blog titled, Just the Facts, Chicken weighed in at 194 page views when I shared with readers a discrepancy in stories about the truth behind Culberson's vote to fund or not to fund Obamacare.  I had a follow up conversation with the Congressman and I wrote a follow up blog about it, too.  I never released it, but now might be just the right occasion, sort of a behind the scenes look at The Political Chicken.  Wanna read it?  Here it is, titled, Voting 'No' Is a Waste of Time

Coming in at number five with 179 page views, is one of my other favorite blogs called A Tale of Two Senators where I outline the differences between Senator John Cornyn and Senator Ted Cruz and how since Senator Cruz had been elected, Senator Cornyn's voting record had been squeaky clean.  Sweet, right?

Moving on, many of you know that I was a part of the Paul Simpson for Harris County GOP Chairman campaign and I'm happy to report that we won!  My blog post about that race and the state of the county party titled, Is the Harris County GOP Low Hanging Fruit for the Democrats? had 170 page views.

Now to a list of my personal favorites that maybe didn't hit the top of the charts; here they are in no particular order:
Obama: Just Another King Louis
The People Choose, Not the Party: Taking Back Harris County From the Slates 
Principles Before Incumbents

Some of a more personal nature are these:
I Believe...
Politics And Motherhood: Making It All Work 
More Than a Woman

Are you ready for the BIG NEWS? mean, drum roll, please....The Political Chicken is now writing for a statewide blog called Texas GOP Vote!  I have been writing for them for almost a year now and in the process of writing for Texas GOP Vote, one of my articles was featured at the top of Google news!  You can find me on Texas GOP Vote by clicking here.

Yep, The Political Chicken is going places and you can come too!  Stay with me, folks, because as I've said before, this is just the beginning!


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  1. Congratulations on 2 great years. HOOAH!